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Safe Kids Bike

Style meets safety with this Kid friendly bicycle.  Guardian Bikes are designed to be lightweight and easy to maneuver on; in fact, they’re 10 pounds lighter than the typical kids bike.  They’re also ergonomically designed for a child’s frame. The wheels are further apart and the seat is positioned lower as well as the wheel base.  The rider’s center of gravity is simply closer to the ground as a result, which makes accidents much less likely. As far as style goes, the designs are chosen by actual kids, so you know they’ll love them!

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The innovative SureStop braking system really takes safety to the next level. One handle bar squeeze is all that’s needed to control the front and rear brakes. The way it works is pure genius: the front brake on the bike only works when weight is over the rear tire. As the child’s body is lifted from the rear seat, less pressure is applied to the front brake. Say goodbye to those “head over handlebars” accidents.

The world is quickly taking notice of this innovative brand.  Aside from Shark Tank, these bikes have also been featured on NBC, Fox News, Parenting, and the Orange Country Register.

2 Sizes are Available:

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Get the 20″ Bike Wheel.

Get the 24″ Bike Wheel.

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