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Get Started with your first Gold Pan

We all want it.  It’s been a sign of wealth from the beginning of time; funny enough, it’s actually everywhere, just waiting to be found. No, I’m not talking about finding it at your neighborhood jewelry store, I’m talking about finding it at nearly any lake, river, stream or beach.  Even the bags of sand at Home Depot have it. That’s right, gold dust (micron gold) is all around. Now, you can finally have a way to retrieve it with this gold panning starter kit.

Gold prospecting is now made easy for everyone! You’ve watched Gold Rush, now live your real-life fantasy of prospecting. Fun for the entire family.  Field tested and recommended by the GPAA (Gold Prospectors Association of America). This patented kit is more efficient than traditional panning equipment, and has the ability to recover 99% of gold nuggets, 90% of gold flakes and 90% of gold dust.

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In Short

Deluxe Kit includes: Outer 5-gallon bucket and water pail, Upper and lower screens, Patented funnel, Gold pan, Bucket seat lid, Concentration bowl and base, Hand scoop, Clean-up kit (tweezers, gold vial, black sand magnet, suction bottle).