Drain Strain | No-Clog Sink Stopper| Seen on Shark Tank

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Put an end to that clogged sink with Drain Strain

Put an end to that clogged sink before it happens. No longer resort to pouring chemicals down your bathroom sinks drain; be proactive, catch all the hair and gunk before it clogs your pipes.  This innovative product was featured on Shark Tank and is a simple solution to an annoying problem that we’ve all run across.

What makes the Drain Strain different from the competitors?

The easily detachable basket. It catches everything from hair to jewelry. Safeguard your valuables while collecting any unwanted things from clogging your drain. The basket can be detached, replaced and reattached from the stem of the product with minimal effort; in fact, it only takes about 60 seconds to install.

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In Short

Fits most 1.25 to 1.5 inch household drains. Does NOT work for push-push drains.