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Ease Lower Back Pain

This product has helped alleviate a lot of my lower back pain, which I have to assume accrued over years, actually Decades of weightlifting and also working a desk job.  While there are cheaper alternatives available to the Shark Tank back brace, I’d recommend the best.  The materials are second to none and I’ve been using mine for years now and have not noticed any degradation in the performance or looks of the product.  In other words, Buy it once, Buy it Right!

Let’s face facts, if you sit in a chair, no matter how hard you try, you’re eventually going to start slouching over.  Now imagine working a desk job and doing that day in and day out.  It really begins to take it’s toll on your spine.  Back problems are not a matter of “If?”, they’re a matter of “When?”

Make Every Chair Ergonomic


Ergonomic Chair


Easy to fold up and carry, highly portable.

travel case

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In Short

Effortlessy sit with perfect posture. Doctor recommended.