Cure Lower Back Pain

cure lower back pain

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(Last updated 10/12/17)

Prevent & Cure Lower Back Aches

When it comes to Lower Back Pain, it’s likely Not a matter of “If?” you’ll get it, but rather a matter of “When?”  It’s definitely Not something to look forward to, but know this, there are things you can do to help prevent lower back pain and there are things you can do to help cure lower back pain.

Take action, improve your quality of life; after all, it’s not just about longevity, it’s about the quality of life you have while you’re here.

There’s likely not going to be one single thing you do or product you try that will cure Lower Back Pain.  You’ll most likely find optimal results from a combination of things that work in unison to help or even eliminate your Lower Back Issues.

Healthy Lower Back Tips

Ask a doctor and they’ll likely tell you one of two things.  Lose weight and try Yoga.  Excess weight puts undue stress on your entire body, and the back is no exception.  There are several ways to get motivated to want to start working out.  The obvious one is to look better.  We all want to enjoy what we see when stepping out of the shower.  Health is even more important though.

Aside from proper diet and exercise, here’s one of the healthier Fat Burners to help give you a boost. It’s stimulant-free and contains Green Coffee Bean Extract, CLA, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Garcinia Cambogia Extract and Green Tea Extract.  Best of all, it’s under $20.

Try Lean Mode from Evlution Nutrition.

As far as exercise goes, the next time you’re at the gym, you should try Dead Hanging off of a pull-up bar.  It’s not a bad way to help decompress the spine before and/or after your workout.  It’ll even go a long way in helping build your grip strength.  Try working up to a 60 second hold for starters.  If it’s too difficult, try a pair of Wrist Straps; you’re doing this more for Spine Decompression than forearm work after all.

Back Braces for Lumbar Support

Back Braces provide external support to the complex structures of our spinal column.  They help relieve back pain by limiting certain movements, which in turn allows any damaged structures in the back to heal.  Think of it as a weightlifting belt, but thankfully not nearly as cumbersome to walk around in all day.

AidBrace makes a very high-quality affordable option that has a unique removable cushioned lumbar pad for additional support.

support lumbar spine

Try the AidBrace Back Support Brace.

Inversion Tables for Spinal Decompression

Ever dream of feeling like Batman?  Now that dream can become a reality while improving the health of your back to boot.  Inversion Tables help alleviate back pain by decompressing the spine and stretching the supporting muscles.

There are several Inversion Tables on the market and the Teeter brand usually comes highly recommended.  In fact, Teeter is the only FDA-Cleared inversion table on the market indicated to treat your back pain, herniated disc, sciatic nerve and more!

Get more comfort than a non-Teeter Inversion Table with the patented wrap-around ankle cups.  Get more relief with the contoured bed that flexes for comfort.

cure lower back aches

And the best part, you don’t have to be Bruce Wayne to afford one.

Get a Great Deal on the Teeter EP-560.

Batman Shirt not included.

Back Pillows (Foot Elevated) to ease Lower Back Pain

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping, assuming we get the recommended 8 hours a night.  This is an important time to make sure we keep our back healthy.  There’s nothing worse than starting your day off with a stiff or sore back.  Help nip that problem in the bud by sleeping with your feet elevated.

aid lower lumbar stiffness

Dong so will assure that your back stays in an optimal position.  Pain will be diminished as less pressure is placed on the muscles and discs.  One such Pillow that takes things even further is called “The Angle”; it actually allows passive traction by using your calves as a counter weight.

reduce lower back pain

Get a great deal on “The Angle”, back support pillow.

Make sure to select the correct size (click image to enlarge).

The Angle

The Right Mattress to Cure Lower Back Pain

Since so much time is spent in bed, it’s imperative you get the right mattress. Not only should it provide the proper support, it should also be just plain comfortable.  Enter the Tanda Smart Mattress. It features ATROS Technology, which pulls cool air from the room and onto the mattress.  The natural Tencel fibers draw moisture away from your body to provide extra breathability and enhance cooling.  The Opti-Breeze Foam is specially developed and offers the best elements of latex and memory foam. Most important for the back is the durable base, which provides lasting support without compromising comfort. By using differing foam densities you’ll avoid that “sinking” feeling.

Are you beginning to understand why the Tanda is a “Smart Mattress”?  You have a smartphone, probably several smart electronics, hopefully smart children and/or pets; now it’s time to get a smart mattress.

For a limited time, November 19th to be exact, Tanda Sleep is offering early adopters massive savings. $400 off any Queen Size Mattress and $500 off an King or California King Size Mattress.

Oh, one last thing, they offer a 100 day trial period.  You really have nothing to lose and great comfortable nights of sleep to gain!

Ergonomic Chairs to Reduce Bad Posture

Many of us work desk jobs; if not, we usually still sit in front of a computer for several hours a day.  With the amount of time spent sitting, it’s important that you give your back the proper support it needs.  There are several types of Ergonomic Chairs on the market, with some focusing on really strengthening your core to help you beat bad slouching habits.

Classic Ergonomic Office Chairs

As far as the standard-type of office chairs go, you really can’t go wrong with Flexi.  Think of it as the Mona-Lisa of modern office chair design.  It reclines, it swivels, and it features a sleek curve to offer lumbar support.

correct posture

Get a Great Deal on the Ergonomic Luxurious Flexi Chair.

Balance Ball Chairs

One of the more interesting Office Chairs comes by way of Sivan Health and Fitness.  It features a Balance Ball type seat that helps you strengthen your core.  It’s also convenient to do back stretches on.

reduce lower back stiffness

Get a great deal on the Sivan Health and Fitness Balance Ball Chair.

Kneeling Chairs

Kneeling Chairs have gained popularity and for good reason.  They go a long way in helping you improve your posture.  It’s finally time to stop hunching over.

fix back pain

SleekForm makes one of the best Kneeling Chairs you can find, offering thick comfortable cushions.

correct posture

Get the SleekForm Ergonomic Kneeling Chair.

Other Options

If you do NOT plan on getting an Ergonomic Chair, you really should at least get the BetterBack, which transforms any Chair into an Ergonomic one.

ChiSoft – Arched Back Stretcher

As seen on Dr. Oz, the ChiSoft Arched Back Stretcher give you relief in as little as 10 minutes a day.  It’s even supposed to help in improving your posture.

See more info on the ChiSoft.

Note: I just ordered one of these myself and will post a review based upon my own experience.

Must-Have Book (Yoga Inspired Exercises)

alleviate lower back pain

The Theory on Why it Works

The theory the “Foundation” lays out is pretty sound; it trains you to move in a different way.  You’re not only fully strengthening the posterior chain, but also correcting poor movement patterns, which goes a long way in ensuring you maintain the health of your back.  In fact, you learn to move in ways that put very little pressure on your spine.

The exercises are yoga inspired and you hold static contractions during a lot of them.  Tensing and squeezing your muscles as hard as you can in certain poses is harder than it looks and will surely humble you if done correctly.

My Use of the Book

I’ve spent time really going over each exercise, ensuring that I utilized proper form.  After having performed the full routine several times a week for a month, my back pain started to subside quite a bit.

Over time I’ve come to customize the routine, and I’ll be perfectly honest, I no longer do every one of the exercises/movements everyday or as many sets as the book recommends.  I do however consistently do a series of what I found to be the most beneficial movements as part of my warm-up routine before I attack the weights in the gym.  I’m more in “maintenance” mode now as opposed to “cure” mode.  This book has been a God-send to say the least, and has kept my lower back pain at bay.

My Experience in the Gym

Just to give you an idea of how bad things have gotten prior to my use of the book, it wasn’t too long ago when having anything over 200 pounds of my back was too much when doing deep barbell squats.  This lead to cramping and stiffness that would persist for several days afterwards.  Needless to say, I grew to hate squats and would often keep them out of my Leg Routine as a result.

That was going on for many years; all the way up until the beginning of 2016, which is when my back health started to improve.  As you can see, I purchased the book on October 27, 2015.

lower back stiffness cure

Revisiting Squats

Earlier this year (2017), I finally put 315 on the squat, a weight I never though I’d be able to do again due to back issues.  While not necessarily a Lot of weight, it is a decent load.  Bear in mind, I’m not excited or impressed with the strength of my legs when doing that weight, but rather the strength of my back.  It’s holding up with no issues, and I can finally start training legs the way I want to again.

More importantly, I just feel better every day, waking up in the morning.  Plus, as a lifetime martial artist, having a healthy back makes that activity a lot more enjoyable as well.

Buy Foundation: Redefine Your Core, Conquer Back Pain, and Move with Confidence

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