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Healthy Fitness

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My Journey: Drug-Free Bodybuilding

Welcome to my official health & fitness blog encompassing my own 20+ year journey of achieving great results living a lifetime natural drug-free fitness lifestyle.  I call it “Healthy Fitness”.

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I’ll be recommending the best supplements, natural health foods and more.  Also keep an eye out for training routines that I can personally vouch for, as I not only talk the talk, but have walked the walk, for a very long time.

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Why Health & Fitness?

My mission is to help put the “health” back into health and fitness.  Health first, everything else follows.  “Healthy Fitness” in other words.  If your body is healthy, you’re going to get good results naturally, and because the results are drug-free, you’re going to be able to keep them year round.

I say and believe, “If it’s Not Natural, it’s Not Real!”  There’s a lot more than just being “drug-free” though, as I’m a huge proponent of eating clean natural (unprocessed foods) and adding Healthy Superfoods to my diet.

It’s important to not only reach, but maintain peak performance and health year round; there’s no reason, and only poor excuses not to.  Treat your body well and your body will treat you well; it’ll also look pretty good too 😉


Download my Current Training Routine:

Drug-Free Training Routine – Natural Bodybuilding (2017) (e-book).pdf

Learning Center:

Alleviate Joint Pain – Get and Maintain Healthy Joints (e-book).pdf

Performance Benefits of BCAAs (e-book).pdf


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