Why do you spend all day finding deals and scouring the web to save other people money?

That’s a great question!  Surely there has to be a little something in it for us, right?

Well, when you click on one of our posted deals, you’re gently whisked away and taken to the merchant’s site (Amazon for example).  Once there, you have the option to buy the product at the discount (deal) that we found.  The price you pay will be Exactly the same whether you found it with our help on this site or whether you spent extra time and stumbled across it yourself.

If you did happen to find it from our site and accessed it from here, the merchant may send a small commission our way as sort of a finder’s fee.  Again, this does not affect the price you pay at all.  It’s simply the retailer’s way of sending us a thank you for finding them a new customer (you) for their product and/or service. More details.

So that’s the basic gist of it; however, there’s a much deeper story and history.  For that, you’ll need Zöe’s answer.

Why do some other deal sites have a higher quantity of deals posted than you do?

Aside from the fact that a good percentage of our staff are cats, we’re after quality over quantity.  We’re after the best of the best.  All deals are hand-picked.  We see no point in trying to save you a couple of dollars on a 12-pack of toilet paper when you can easily find that yourself at Costco every week.  With that said, we will still post great deals on everyday products that we find  if they happen to stand out.

With Discount Blaze you can be sure to find a vast assortment of the very best, hottest and most popular deals around… more than enough to satisfy any bargain hunter.

Hey, what gives?  How come the deal is not available for the price you said it was???

Although we constantly monitor the site and add new deals every day, the older promoted deals we have posted may no longer be available for a couple of reasons.  For example, the merchant simply may have run out of the product.

In any case, if you run across a deal that is no longer available, please let us know so that we can update and/or take it down.  We’ll also keep you informed when it becomes available again, but only if it’s at the same or even lower price when we first found it.  It’s all part trying to provide the best customer experience for you, as we embark on our mission to become the best deal site out there.

Who is Zöe?

Most likely Employee of the month (again).  She knows a deal when she sees one, and personally vouches for all deals posted on Discount Blaze.

Zöe is a Sphynx, a bald cat, the type that captured the public’s imagination by way of Austin Powers movies, only, she is no longer bald.  Although she was bald (and likely cold) as a kitten, she has since developed a beautiful fur coat with texture that more resembles a cross between a sheep and a rabbit than an actual cat.

sleeping on the job

(Zöe taking a much needed nap after a long day of hunting mice deals)

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